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Quick Facts

​School Hours: 8:45 AM to 3:20 PM

Grade Distribution: ELK to Grade 8
Student Enrolment: 330

Our Parish

Holy Angels' Parish
502 Talbot Street, St. Thomas, ON, N5P 1C2

About Our School

Monsignor Morrison Catholic School is a vib​​rant learning community. Students, staff and parents work cooperatively to achieve success, while growing together in faith. Our school is set in a beautiful area in north St. Thomas surrounded by mature trees. We are at the top of the hill that leads down to Waterworks Park. Our yard has two sets of playground equipment, a large garden and a lovely mature Peace Garden. Our community is currently fundraising to replace and update our playground equipment.

Student academic success and building a caring community is a priority. We have parent volunteers who come in weekly to work with students. As well, our teachers, early childhood educators and educational assistants are dedicated in their service to our students and willingly work with students before, during and after school hours. Our Catholic School Council mandate is “Parent Participation Matters” and we encourage parents to become active participants in their child's education in partnership with the school.​ 

In 1975, our school was built as W.S. Morrison, after Monsignor William Sherlock Morrison, who was installed as the pastor of Holy Angels' Church on July 9, 1944. At the time that the school was built, the Hall-Dennis Report on Education advocated “open-concept” schools and consequently, W.S. Morrison had very few inside walls. Since that time, walls have been added to create individual classrooms. The library is still “open-concept” and is situated in the centre of these classroom areas. Compared to other schools, our layout is still rather unique!


In 1997, our school name was officially changed from W.S. Morrison to Monsignor Morrison Catholic School to better reflect our Catholic identity! Our school community recognizes and celebrates our pride and spirit by holding an annual School Parade through our neighbourhood. This is a wonderful opportunity to showcase our school and connect with those who live in our area. The day focuses on a special theme (e.g., local heroes, community development...) where each class decorates a float and parades through the local streets. Upon return to the school, we join in a family lunch for all students, staff and guests. Followed by a football game between staff, students and former alumni.


During the summer of 2007, the boiler and heat pumps were replaced at Monsignor Morrison through the Good Places to Learn, Ministry grant. In 2008, a two-classroom addition and nutrition/storage room was added (funded through the Ministry of Education’s Primary Class Size Project).  In the fall of 2010, our school introduced Full Day Early Learning Kindergarten. During the 2014-15 school year we​​ were approved for a LIBRO grant, which resulted in new additions to the school play ground. Through another LIBRO grant we were able to install new curtains for our school stage.

  • 13 Classrooms (5 with SMARTBoards, while all other classes are outfitted with a Data Projector)
  • 3 Early Learning Kindergarten Classrooms with washrooms (1 with a SMARTBoard)
  • 1 French Classroom
  • 1 Music Room (on Stage)
  • 1 Multi-purpose Room
  • 2 Student Program Support Offices
  • 1 Library with a computer lab
  • 1 Gymnasium with Stage
  • 1 Nutrition Room​ ​
  • 1 Special Education Room

The staff and students of Monsignor Morrison Catholic School are engaged in a faith-based education. The expectations for the Ontario Catholic School Graduate are infused in the curriculum and school activities.


Our school's parish is Holy Angels' Church. Father Graham Keep and John Johnston are the current priests, while Sister Mary continues to be a strong connection between our school and parish families. School masses are celebrated each month, where all students are bussed to our parish. The Sacrament of Reconciliation is celebrated twice a year – before Christmas and Easter – when Father brings several other priests to hear confession.​


Sr. Mary Boere, who retired from teaching at Monsignor Morrison, continues to devote time at our school to help with missions and with our liturgies. Sister Mary is with us every Friday. She visits each classroom twice a month to collect Mission money and to review the Gospel message.


Monsignor Morrison has the Living Rosary in the Schools program each month. These are community prayer leaders visit the students to share their love of Mary and the Rosary.

The majority of the students at Monsignor Morrison Catholic School are transported by bus to school daily. ​Visit www.mybigyellowbus.com for more information.
  • Monsignor Morrison follows the Board’s Safe School policies and procedures. Our Code of Conduct is distributed to every family in the summer mail out with the Student Handbook. We have an active Safe and Healthy Schools committee.
  • The parking lot and front walkway are visually accessible from the Principal’s and Secretary’s offices
  • All visitors must identify themselves verbally and on camera before being allowed to enter the school
  • The students' back playground/yard area is fenced in and gated. 
  • The staff and students have regular practice for various types of emergencies through fire drills, lockdowns, and tornado drills
  • Safe School’s Arrival Program is in place at M.Morrison which include: 
    • ​​​Procedures in place for locking of exterior doors during/after school hours;
    • All parents, volunteers, visitors, and trades people are required to sign in at the Main Office;
    • Students who walk to/from school or who are picked up remain in the school until all buses have departed;
    • ​Other components, as communicated in current year Student Agendas​